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HMD introduced composite cylinder to market thrwmygas.me . Its light weight 100% safe gas cylinders.

Here heritage can be seen in four different generations.

  • Generation I cylinders were introduced in the nineteenth century, between 1870-1880, to store liquid carbon dioxide for industrial gas businesses. Generally they were long steel tubes without handles and were logistically hard to handle
  • Generation II cylinders are also made from steel. Handles have been added and the shape has been refined, cylinders are now shorter but wider. This generation of cylinder is the most popular and is known as the “traditional” cylinder.
  • Third generation cylinders improved upon type II, using plastic for coating the metal exterior allowing the exterior to be customized. However, these cylinders continue to have the same drawbacks as Generation I and II.
  • Generation IV cylinders are the latest on the market. They were developed with aerospace technology and represent a real advance in technology, that otherwise has effectively remained unchanged over 75 years. They have unique characteristics including being lightweight, nonexplosive, translucent, non-corrosive and environmental friendly.

ADR/RID 2015 ISO 11119-3 Directive 2010/35/EU

  • Fire test: no explosion
  • Hydraulic proof test: 30 bars
  • Cylinder burst test:> 100 bars
  • Pressure cycle test: 12,000 cycles
  • Ageing test
  • Drop test: 5 Positions
  • Flawed cylinder test
  • Torque test
  • Bullet test
  • Neck strength test
  • Permeability test
  • Extreme temp. cycle test: -40 Co to +65 Co

Composite LPG Cylinders

  • Lightweight
  • Non Corrosive
  • 100% Explosion Proof
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Electronic Chip for Identification
  • Attractive Casing and Shape
  • Visual Control of Filling Level
  • Universal Valve Connection
  • New Design of Handle Rings
  • Low Maintenance Cost


Steel LPG cylinders

  • Corrosive
  • Unable check the level of gas
  • Difficult to handle – Heavy in weight
  • Unfavourable environmental effects
  • Aesthetically unappealing
  • Explosion risk – Spark susceptible
  • High logistic and maintenance cost
  • Easily damaged
  • Metal thefts
  • 75 years old technology



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