al Hadef gas distribution llc is the dubais well known and high reputed gas kkeps his goodwill by serving peoples at the best focusing on people and national friendly business.and always keeping moral and social values at all the hadaf is one of the esteemed supplier of emarat and emirates gas.therefor company can supply genuine natural gas and gas equipments.compny alwys fighting aginst fraud in market., and compny following dubai civil defence and dubai goverment trade and supply laws… in the last economic year compny achived 67% growth we beloive that it all come from our loyality of business.. al hadef alwys providing free maintance services and customer su[pport to all the customer and understanding needs and the deserve. al hadef still grwoing its own path with the unpredictable approch to the product and services ,compny will always focus on people safety and the happiness